1. I hardly ever look at my Twitter timeline any more. There’s too much.
  2. I tried creating lists with subsets of people by category, but that doesn’t seem to work either. There’s too much trivia. (In the timeline of a single person trivia might not be such a problem, but combine a few timelines and then it becomes a mess.)
  3. Sometimes I bookmark a single person’s timeline to watch, but I haven’t made a lot of those bookmarks yet and use them rarely so far, not sure why yet... Maybe it’s because I haven’t got a convenient place to put those bookmarks in my browser (and my Twitter app (Talon) only has lists of course... Maybe I should use lists as single bookmarks... TODO).

Perhaps it would help if I could filter tweets, filter out trivial tweets for example.

BTW I’ve been fed up with the character limit for years. The need to make screenshots of blocks of text to add as an image annoys me. The proposal to make it possible to add real posts to a tweet did not make it I hear? Pity. The proposal to double the character limit to Japanese tweet size has not reached me yet. Maybe it will reengage me when it finally reaches me. Maybe it’s too late already.

I notice I become more and more stricter with browsing news. I hate click-bait. Often I only read headlines and then browse the first page of Hacker News, clicking perhaps two links at most.

Our need is for a digestible amount of relevant information. The need for commercial corporations like Twitter is for us to be glued to their data-streams so that they can make more money. I don’t see how those two can be reconciled. We need non-commercial decentralized sources of information (including news). Relevant information includes information about what the other is thinking (anathema to FB and even YT). On Twitter I tried to follow other voices, but see points 1 to 3.

I’m experimenting with mastodon, but currently learning the ropes of that software (and finding the right instance?) is difficult. Maybe it will get better.

My current solution: keep reading books, use the Internet mainly for specific searches and websites that don’t use click-bait, hyped stores, making money, etc.