05:50 [Jorden Peterson:] “States dominated by Islam are not economically productive. And that’s quite an interesting mystery.” [After a pause the other speaker responds incredulously: ] “They’re not?”

I was thinking: Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey - at the least, others likely as well... Peterson might need to rethink that statement.

Maybe he was thinking about Arab states (minus the ones thriving on oil)? But even then I’m not sure it holds. And his statement was about Islam, not about Islam plus Arab culture or something like that.

I think Islam is a threat to modern secular values, but I doubt it is in principle incompatible with a competitive economy. Just like China doesn’t need democracy to have a competitive economy. In fact, China seems to be doing better than comparably sized democratic India.

Religion makes people delusional with regard to notions like demons, souls, the finality of death etc., but not incapable of acquiring the technical knowledge needed to build things. Need I remind, Pakistan builds nuclear weapons? Iran would too, except they seem to be persuaded to wait a while?