Struggling with Firefox Thursday 31 July 2014


How do I stop FF from closing when I close the last tab?

Update in progress

  1. add-on Classic Theme Restorer
    ▤ > Customize > Preferences > Tabs not on top.
  2. few local modifications in chrome, place in profile folder
  3. ▤ > sync
  4. Install ProfileSwitcher{1.6.2}.xpi (not verified).
  5. ...

  1. add-on Classic Theme Restorer (and choose tabs not on top in its preferences)
  2. log in to sync and sync bookmarks
  3. add-on Last tab close button
  4. add-on Locationbar2
  5. add-on ProfileSwitcher (may be on external site; I saved it)
  6. add languages for the spell check
  7. add-on ViewSourceWith
  8. add-on Firebug

For unrestricted web browsing, I also need:

  • add-on NoScript
  • add-on Flashblock
  • add-on Adblock Plus


  1. (Classic Theme Restorer)
    • I really dislike the deep menu, prefer the (easy access to the) top menu bar.
    • I use the Bookmarks toolbar a lot (saved with sync) and want quick access to it.
    • I guess I’m simply used to this order: Top menu, Address bar, Bookmarks toolbar, Tabs. As long as I can revert, I’ll revert.
  2. Convenient.
  3. I don’t want Firefox to close when I close the last tab. Never!
  4. Locationbar2 gives linkification when moving over the address with the mouse (so you go up in the address). As a bonus, it looks cool (choose domain color #3366FF, choose on top in its preferences)
  5. I use different profiles with different properties. (The addon bar, restored with Classic Theme Restorer, shows which profile I’m dealing with.) Last time I checked ProfileSwitcher still gave me much more control over my different profiles than Firefox’s own profile options.
  6. Obviously.
  7. Allows you to edit input fields with your own editor (choose your editor in its preferences)
  8. Currently I use Firebug a bit less often, because it doesn’t play well with responsive css (unlike Firefox’s own Inspector). I guess it’ll catch up.
  • Without NoScript annoying JavaScript ‘features’ pop up all the time. Also, I feel unsafe with JavaScript enabled all the time.
  • Flashblock, mostly because I don’t want video (and flash audio) to start automatically.
  • Adblock: if you want to keep your brain moderately uncontaminated, you need to avoid advertisements and commercials etc. like the plague. Adblock also declutters a lot of websites.