Testing Mastodon

I’m going to collect a few notes on my second attempt to try out Mastodon.

The first time I was unable to find people I like to follow. Simply searching, as might work on Twitter, failed me at the time. This time more people are announcing their Mastodon handle, perhaps it will be different.

For now I’m @kornelis, on m.sclo.nl. I read somewhere that it is easy to switch instances, but have yet to experience that.

How I find people that I know the handle of:

I put the full address in the searchbox. The address looks identical to an e-mail address kornelis@m.sclo.nl. I hit enter, and the top hit allows me to follow the account right away.

Can’t follow just anybody

I just found out that Mastodon has an option to prevent people from following you, unless you allow it. (I discovered this when I tried to follow somebody in vain.)