error adding symbols: File in wrong format

I wanted to install Glade (GTK+3 User Interface Builder). However, I’ve got a multilib environment (sort of). Compiling Glade I got this error: error adding symbols: File in wrong format

This problem has a solution on this page: Glade compile error, could not read symbols: File in wrong format.

The solution from Keith Hedger being:

I have noticed that the odd .pc file or generated configure/makefiles seem to ignore the libdir variable and use /usr/lib ( the usual default ) instead of /usr/lib64, as a quick and dirty workaround you can try

sudo mv /usr/lib /usr/lib.BAK

compile your code and then do

sudo mv /usr/lib.BAK /usr/lib

You shouldn't have to do this very often its just because of some sloppy written makefiles. This works with the glad3 slackbuild by the way.

Worked for me as well.

Patreon account for Slackware

I just found out that Patrick Volkerding wasn’t receiving any money from the Slackware store ( for two years?

Via a twitter search I found this post by Eric Hameleers. A post by Patrick himself is here.

Long story short, Patrick now opened a Patreon account:

I’m not a big fan of Patreon, but for now I’ve joined to be Slackware’s patron number 348.

My wish-list for Slackware 15 is very short:

  • please make it easier to add 32bit compatibility
    (I’ve been unable to make it work in 14.2).

...can’t find the file at .../phpmyadmin/export.php

To export use this command:
mysqldump -u USER -p PASSWORD DATABASE > filename.sql

To import database from dump file (in this case called filename.sql) use:
mysql -u username -p password database_name < filename.sql