One way to get Anki 2.0.12 in Slackware 14

As I wrote this, had a slackbuild for Slackware 14 (Anki 1.2.9) that seemed partly broken (no downloads, no imports - creating decks yourself seems alright). Latest version of Anki was 2.0.xx. The source for that version was incompatible with the slackbuild script (and not just because of the wrong version number, changing that did not work).

To install the 2.0 version in Slackware 14, I had to resolve the dependencies (BeautifulSoup, SQLAlchemy, matplotlib, simplejson, some of which have their own dependencies) (see the README). After that I was able to make a package for Anki 2.0.xx with src2pkg.

I changed the font and font size of the application with qtconfig (anki needs a restart for the changes to have full effect; also note that qtconfig's save option is located in the File menu).

When I started with a new deck, it turned out that even though I had up-sized the overall font-size in Anki using qtconfig, the edit fields of new cards (not necessarily imported ones) remained very small. It is possible to counter that. Click the "Fields..." button (left top) on the screen with the Front and Back fields, and choose in the menu that opens a different font-size (and font family).

Additional keywords: pyqt python qt4 gui resolution

Edit: For Slackware 14.1 there is now a Slackbuild for Anki 2.0.31. It may also work in Slackware 14, I haven't tested that. For this reason and because the source I used was no longer available, I've edited the text (sloppily).

Note: for Ubuntu you can download a deb from Anki's main site to obtain the latest version. To be able to change the gui's font-size with qtconfig in Ubuntu you may first have to choose a different qt theme (see this bug report), to be able to save the setting.