Ubuntu: disable the global application menu

On my laptop lives Ubuntu. I bought it pre-installed with that OS, to avoid possible hardware problems. I am not a real Ubuntu person (I use Slackware with Openbox on my regular PC) but since it still is Linux, I expected I could work with it. Which is true, most of the time.

However, for some reason I am completely unable to deal with the global application menu of Unity (Unity is the default window manager of Ubuntu at the moment, the global menu moves the menu's of all the applications to one central bar at the top of the screen). I drives me mad. I've tried to get rid of it two times already. This is my third attempt, and this solution seems to work (at least till the next update).

I found the solution elsewhere on the net, so I'll point to those pages, but I'll add a few comments.

I started here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/10481/how-do-i-disable-the-global-application-menu

The approved answer itself did not work for me. It was the first comment to the approved answer by Rmano that helped me. It pointed to:


The application unsettings worked for me, but I had to install it manually, since the route through adding the new repository failed me. I used:


After installing and starting the program I went to its Windows tab, disabled Global menu (and while I was there Overlay scrollbars as well), saved (there is an apply settings button top last to right) logged out and in, and finally the menu's where back on the applications! Except on Firefox, from which I additionally had to uninstall an Ubuntu add-on dealing with global menu bars.

A feeling of relief. :-)

Still, its beyond me why such an annoying feature is not opt-in (or at least op-out) :-\

Edit: 2013-08-09: After an update simply disabling the Ubuntu add-on in Firefox did not suffice; I had to install the original binary from mozilla.org to get the menu back in Firefox as well.