Nationalism and writing history

This week I’ve been reading about nationalism (or patriotism, which seems to have mostly the same effect) and the inescapable bias that results from it.

For now I’m inclined to think that anybody who feels even a little bit defensive when their (birth or adopted) country is criticised should not write history about any country on this globe. (I say any, because love for one country triggers too easily negative feelings towards other countries.)

This certainly includes people that say they only care if their country wins in this or that category of sport.

Unfortunately this would prevent pretty much anyone from becoming a (professional or amateur) historian.

I suspect the same problem arises when someone is even mildly invested in politics. Do you dislike Trump? Well, then you can’t be a historian. Do you dislike wokism? Likewise.

We really need something even better than the peer review process of the sciences for history.