Things I don’t understand: a list

To say I don’t understand doesn’t mean I don’t understand de political mechanics. To remove this 108 million euros cost [ref] from the annual budget, the EU treaty has to be changed, which requires unanimity among all member states governments and ratification by each of their national parliaments. [ref]

This required unanimity is a safeguard against big states or coalitions of states overruling the sovereignty of individual member states—something Brexit (and potential Nexit) voters seem to be unaware of. It’s a rule that is cumbersome but probably unavoidable. However, this expense is simply impossible to justify. I know France can veto a change, but really, French voters, would you understand our traveling parliament if it was forced not to visit Strassbourg but Rotterdam or Köln? Surely something can be arranged to get rid of this unsellable absurdity.

By the way, there also seems to be a rule that the “Parliament’s Secretariat (its staff) [is] officially based in Luxembourg”—really? What does that involve then? [ref]

Perhaps I’m simply uninformed? Please explain and help me understand.

[ to be continued ]